Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Narcissistic Heel?

Here is a shoe. I'm not sure what to make of it. I thought it was mega cute on first glance but then I looked again and now I'm confused. These shoes with little snub noses bother me a bit. They remind me of me you see. They seem even more snubby because of the the heel height. Do they look weird to you?

The nudeyness, the potential for a nice bit toe cleavage and the workable heel height are plusses. But when you already have a little snub nose on your face it's best not to echo that in your footwear. Yes? But then they're cute aren't they? But are they? Man alive! I just don't know. It has oft been said that The Head and I are bear an uncanny resemblance to one another. And it's one thing being such a narcissist that you select a Head to marry that looks like you but surely one should draw the line at a mirror image mid-height court?

Whilst on the website I also found this. Now you know me, I'm all for a vertiginous you recall those bloody shoes I bought at Aldo* that had to go back the same day when we realised I looked like Bambi** taking his first tentative steps in them? Aye chihuahua! But seriously, aren't things getting a little out of control now? When a shoe has it's on rocking mechanism built in to the sole so that you can sort of, propel yourself forward, that just not cute.
* I do wish the Aldo people had thought more before naming that brand. It is so reminiscent of soemthing cut price and supermaket it doesn't doesn't seem at all rihgt.
** Bambi was a boy, ja?
(Images via Office)

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