Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Cors Ets Great! (only really works when said out loud - and even then not terribly well)

That sounds divine babes! Niceous maximous! I think a high waisted peg would work particularly well with a corset actually (I can see a peg working with just about anything at the moment, apart from ME. I am becoming obsessed.) And I tell you what, with your hair you can get away with waring something like that whilst still looking edgy. Good work darling, I look forward to seeing that little ensemble.
Now to address the monstrosity which heralded the news of this delicious find. WTF? Why are designers adding bells and whistles to the boob section of tops and frocks? I find this particularly offensive for instance:

(Image via asos)

It looks like an angry villanous face from an Amstrad game in the 80's. And as we discussed earlier, when we already have a face of our own we have no real further need for another. And I blame Katy 'Boob Eyes' Perry (for this, and so much more actually.)

(Image via Catwalk Queen)

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