Thursday, 16 April 2009

Fight for your right to party!

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What are Wednesdays for? It is a question I have long been mulling over. Well, yesterday I think I went some way to finding reasonable justification for them. It required a bit of research, a bit of dedication, but I put in the hours and I have this to share with you. Wednesdays are for going to events at chic department stores for the launch of some designer handbags where they positively pour fruity alcoholic beverages down your neck in order to encourage you to peruse the racks and spend more money than you might well when sober. (My friend who I accompanied might be the exception though, she manages to spend quite heroically without a drop!)
And by jove, it worked! I didn't actually part with my hard earned, but I will be going to try something on later today. Yes, we are back with Luella. This dress is so utterly delicious I feel it is only right to go and try it on. Of course it costs more than I should be thinking about spending on a dress, but its so pretty and I don't have to buy it... I'm not fooling anyone am I?
Do you love it or was it just the vodka enhanced lychee cocktails?

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