Thursday, 30 April 2009

I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper

I want to see you in that playsuit RIGHT NOW!! That is the coolest thing I ever saw!

Now, on to serious business. The shoes. OK, so definitely quite Gaga-esque, but you know me, I couldn't think that was a bad thing if I tried. I love the heel. But the rest of the shoe looks like something a good time girl turned gunslinger might wear in a future version of the wild west. I could almost picture a spur on the back of there. And I am not totally sure about the colour. But they are fierce!

I love the bikini top, it is delightful. The colour and the cut are a dream.

The green top is beautiful. The colour is charming, and I like the thought of you in it. The shape is the kind of thing that would have people offering me a seat on the tube, but I think you would rock it.

(Image via Justin de Villeneuve)

As to Barbara? You are quite right, she is a legend. And I think I will probably just accidentally overlook the To'sho' collection. I'm cool with that.

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