Tuesday, 21 April 2009

White Elephant

OK. So the white embellished blouse/shirt/thing that I bought on Friday has had to go back. I know was excited about getting out of black but I looked really ODD in it. You know how things sometimes look very different when you're in your house to how they appear in the shop, because we don't have magic mirrors and iridescent lightingand all that jazz at home...well this was like a really extreme case of that. The 'item' drained my entire body of colour, not just my face. Honestly, even my limbs paled when I slung it on. And it was at once enormous and baggy. Sort of voluminously flaccid. And more see through than I expected. Wow, I'm going into so much unnecessary detail about how bad it made me look. Suffice to say The Head said I looked 'like a mad hippie' in it so it was returned forthwith.

HOWEVER. The Gorgeous Boys bought me a delicious jersey top from COS for my birthday which is navy blue. And it is so charming I had a look int here today and found another top that I love which is sort or, hmmm, brown but not brown. But sort of aubergine-y but not that either. And I have started looking further afield. What do you think to these please? Drumm roll please? Cute or Note Cute?

(Images via Next)
(Don't hate them just because they're from Next. Admittedly the white dress looks a bit clinical and/or origami-esque in that picture but it is nicer in real life.)
Addendum - I tried on the white frock and looked like a GOD DAMN NAPKIN. I don't know what I was thinking. I am still a bit interested in the top though.

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