Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sunny side up

They're megarous! Completely Portofino darrrlink. I don't think we can recreate thaT scene for you in central Londres but perhaps I can sit you under a heat lamp at Koha and get them to rock up the amps? Might that work? Either way, I'm all for a tortoiseshell frame this summer regardless of location.

Since I got my contacts I have been ADDICTED to buying sunglasses. Almost to the point where it has become an issue. I have so many pairs. I spent years to-ing-and-fro-ing swapping glasses about in the summer in the before the daily disposable entered my life and so now it just seems so wildly exciting to sport a sun goggle and like, still be able to SEE that I just. Can't. Stop. Buying them.

But there is a problem, in that when I am shopping I am usually in my normal spectacles. Now, you know I am stupidly short sighted and can only see things that are about a millimetre from my nose. So when I try sunglasses on in a shop I only have the vaguest whisp of an idea what they actually look like. Which makes for an exciting moment when I try them on for the first time with my eyes in but often leads to me howling and holding my face in horror in a Munchy kind of way when I realise NO! I do NOT suit a rip off wayfarer. And I really thought I might. Boo. Sometimes it's best not to see the truth. Which I shall remind you when you are being cooked by that heap lamp.

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