Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Baubles, belts and a flat pump

Weirdly enough I had a bit of a hankering for some lady like frockage the other day. I quickly got over it, because it might mean I have to start brushing my hair again and it's got so God damned matted by now I'm not sure that could even happen. Soooooooooo I'll leave it to you.

That Reiss dress is mega cute. I really like the colour actually. Nicely spotted dearest. I am happy that Michele has inspired you. I must say (perhaps controversially) that I am not really getting this whole fashion icon thing with her yet. Perhaps I just need a little more time. Without doubt she looks absolutely lovely virtually all of the time, but then sometimes I feel like she has been a bit DONE...as though her stylist is just out of shot and waiting to pounce with some overly large baubles to drape about her neck, or some cute little patent belt to give her JC Crew a bit more 'edge'.

On occasion (top right for example) she looks like she's thinking "For heaven's sake, my elasticated waistband is in danger of eclipsing me, and there is an awful lot of kick to this skirt..." I hope I don't sound gripey because as I said, she still looks utterly adorable and much more importantly, she comes across as a formidable woman and one who still knows how to smile and act like a human being which is fabulouso enough, with or without the over sized pearls etc etc. To even things up I have added another pic of her looking absolutely GRRRREAT. (I like her sparkly cardie a lot.)

I am not so happy with Carla Sarkozy, who let's not forget is actually The Hotness Carla Bruni's austere alter ego. She looks so...rigid. I know she's meeting the Queen and all but I mean. even Liz is rocking a feather or two. I want her to be gorgeous it up a bit. She the first lady of France...that's the French THING. Enough with the flat pumps already. Even first ladies can do hotness!

(Image via Paper Mag)

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