Monday, 13 April 2009

Hands free!

Oddly, I was reading an article in Vogue about this very matter (whilst listening to late 90's trance, a fabulous birthday present from The Head - it was disconcerting to combine the too, but pleasurable non the less).

Harriet Quick was questioning the very validity of a shoulder strap. Apparently those 'in the know' have taken to clutching, grabbing or scrunching' their bags in their paws as opposed to tossing the strap over their shoulder. Now I fear change and I like to have my hands free at all times Just In Case (of what I am not sure) so I shall stick to a strap but Harriet has identified it as A Trend and here you are wanting to go all strapless on me and I do really like that bag. It is delicious. They do a similar one in black that I also rilly like. (I can generally go for a Reiss accessory but not their clothes, odd).

I do have one nagging concern about going sans strap though darling, and that it the waggyness of it all. One of my pet hates is seeing gals swanning around with their overstuffed handbags swinging merrily about as they hold their arm at what must SURELY be an uncomfortably acute angle? Even Princess Cheryl is doing it. And you must plan for those moments when you you need three hands (coffee, handbag, oyster card) but you are a bright you thing and you shall fathom. And you are also ferociously un-waggy and it is a refined looking thing so I say buy it! And I shall hold your coffee for you at those moments when it all gets too troublesome. I mean I'll no doubt roll my eyes whilst doing it, but I'll do it.

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