Thursday, 30 April 2009

Purple Prose

(Image via the Telegraph)

I mean really, how difficult is it to know when a colour suits you and when it doesn't? Sure, we all have our moments when we think we can wear chartreuse, or you and your acid yellow. But we have to eventually admit defeat, throw our hands up in the air and proclaim that we would rather not look like a pretty cadaver for the sake of the shade du jour. This precise shade of purple is ghastly, no one could carry it off.
While the bracelet sleeve has its charms they are negated by the excess fabric around the neck. And is that a faux zebra print jacket? Don't even get me started on that. I just give up. Honestly.

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Unknown said...

A chacun son goût! I'm going to have disagree with you on this one, Lucinda. It's all to easy to dismiss haute couture as unwearable...but you must remember that pieces like this are created to enhance the prestige of the design house. The stitchwork and composition are so subtly sensual. Nonchalance meets sophistication. Tres chic.