Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Kiss and make up

Man alive, if there is one thing I want from a celebrity, particularly a delicious French celebrity, particularly Monica Bellucci, it is perfection. I want them to be so pretty and chic and delectable. I want them to have perfect figures and perfect hair and great clothes. I don't need them to be real. I want some glorious example of womankind that makes me feel that if someone is out there rocking it, then maybe its ok for me to relax a little and not worry so much about my own attempt at perfection.

I know that some women might feel jealous of beautiful celebrities and like to see their flaws but they actually hold little interest for me. So this cover seems utterly pointless. I mean, if you are buying a glossy magazine you have already bought in wholesale to the idea of female perfection and like pretty clothes and make up and don't mind who knows. So way to push the boundaries, and good for the women involved, as that must take cojones, but are they really selling it to the right market?

Now, let me remind myself of just how gorgeous Miss Bellucci is with all the slap...!

Admittedly she is still very beautiful without it, but they aren't doing her any favours with the dull lifeless top and backdrop. It seems to be the magazine equivalent of a hair shirt. And if ever there was something that fashion is not about, it is suffering. Except for the sweatshops and stuff, but we'll gloss over that...

Oops, I forgot to respond about your own cosmetic conundrum. Darling, honestly, you always have the full eye, I really don't think it is appropriate to alter your make up style. You own that look at 8am on the train into work, you can certainly do it at the wedding. Plus - nightimey? what part of getting dolled up to the nines for a wedding isn't a bit nightimey? All the regular rules go out the window. There will probably be a lady there with a full length white gown, I'm not sure that an excess of eyeliner will shock the assembled hoards. I really feel you might be over thinking the whole thing.

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