Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Skin Deep

(Image via Net a Porter)
Why are there certain items that you can never let go no matter how much you know they are never going to suit you? One of those items for me is the skinny jean. I have hips and a bum and thighs, the skinny jean is not my friend. I know it isn't. I know it calls me rude names behind my back. I know it spreads gossip about what I got up to at the Christmas party. But to my face it is all sweetness and light. It denies having done anything wrong and asks me to give it another chance.
I thought I was over it. I thought I was bigger than that. That I knew that hanging out with the skinny jean wasn't going to make me look cooler than I really am. But over the last couple of days I have heard its call again. "Go on, maybe you remember me wrongly, maybe I do really suit you. Go on, give me another go. What's the worse that could happen?" I particularly heard it today from a pair that were wrapped around the legs of a delightful young thing with a fierce glad.
I should just be strong and ignore it, though, shouldn't I? As you have mentioned previously I don't even wear denim. Not really. Why is it so hard to just let them go, admit that while we might coexist in the world that we don't necessarily need to be joined at the hip, that they are always destined to be mean to me? WHY??!

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