Thursday, 23 April 2009

Ice and a slice

Ha! Bravo! I simply ADORE that you went ahead and posted the whole shebang sweetcheeks. Excellent work. I think I find it even funnier because I have (just!) finished the Epic BakeTM and have just cracked open an ice cold Budvar. and feel slightly euphoric. You know The Head can recite the whole thing whilst stabbing blindly about with random stiff fingers (I believe he feels that gives him something of a rapper air. It doesn't, but it IS fascinating so I openly encourage him.)

And I whole heartedly agree with you about the collaboration problem. I mean, yeah OK in theory but you hit the nail on the head - the fabrics won't be right and it always seems a wee bit half arsed. It just smacks of a way to bump up the prices doesn't it?

When I was watching Lorraine yesterday (and I say that with only the briefest hint of shame) they showed this very outfit, and all I could think was '£150! For a leather jacket? FROM HENNES?!' And I say that as a devotee. They are the only high street brand that actually fit me properly with no tweaking necessary so I love them. But I mean, really!

Mildly interesting factoid - I used to spot MW frequently when living in Belsize Park. Like, I saw him a LOT. I used to wonder if he didn't have some skirts to tend to or what not because it was at the time when everyone was in fuchsia cardigans with clashing velvet trims and he seemed to be Hot Stuff. Anyway, he is one of the smallest men I have ever seen. Not short, just tiny. All cheekbony. He cut quite a dash I can tell you. It did not make me want one of his cardies.

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