Thursday, 30 April 2009


(Image via My Deco)

I have just been looking at To' to see what gives with the Hulanicki collection. (Fairly underwhelming since you ask...but I think the woman is fabulosity itself so I shan't say a bad word about it). And I love saying her name. Hulanicki, HulanICKI. Look at her above. Just like, leaning in a stylish way. Nice one Barbara!
Anyway. I didn't really love that stuff but I do love THIS!

I am so getting that. Tout de suite! And it's green. Holy crapola! I can't even remember the last time I wore green. I think I was also in a brown woolly tight and pretending to be a tree at the time, with leaves stapled to my Pa's moss green M&S crew neck and my arms at right angles. Which reminds me, did I tell you about the time that I decided very last minute that I wanted to go to my Brownies Halloween party in fancy dress? My Mother first of all told me off for my indecisiveness and then decided to teach me a lesson by breaking out the first aid box, wrapping me head to foot in bandages and making me in to a MUMMY. I swear to God, going to the loo was the stuff of NIGHTMARES which I was vaguely reminded of in that jump suit on Saturday...but I digress. I love it. And I also love this:

which is coming home with me tonight after all that talk of ruched bikini's yesterday.

I also think I love these. Hahhaha. SERIOUS! I'm a bit worried that I have started to think that I am Lady Gaga. Have I? Are they wrong? Well, yes they are I can work that out for myself, but are they wrong in a bad way?

I promise I won't team them with this little baby.

Now THAT'S a playsuit.

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