Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sole destroying

(Image via the Fashion Police)
Sheesh, don't even get me started! I could just go on and on about how much it saddens me, nay, enrages me when I see some poor innocent pair of shoes that haven't been properly prepped pre-wear. For Christ's sake, it's like eating a Snickers while the wrapper is still on. Isn't it??


There are few things that depress me more than spying a lady with a beautiful outfit walking ahead only to be more or less blinded by that little flash of white each time she takes a step. Waaah! But also, I have to admit that if I see some poor misguided lady falling out of her tiny dress/local branch of Yates/hooker shoes that she can't walk in and she flashes a little square of white shame on the bottom of said shoe I am most likely to shake my head and think quietly to myself "I thought as much". Oops, naughty me!

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