Thursday, 16 April 2009

Fair play

We are both already sold on long leg jumpsuits, that has been well documented, but the short leg playsuit? Hmmm. I had feared they might resemble an oversized romper and might not be excessively flattering. Yet I have been 100% converted. I bought one yesterday from River Island (they won't let me download a pic though, damn them!) and I almost swooned it is so adorable. The shape is similar to the one above, but it has a floral pattern. It almost looks like a tea dress, quite 40s, with a super sinched in waist. I LOVE IT! I want to wear it with black opaques and the librarians. It is funny, that being a short(item of clothing) not a skirt I don't feel trashy in a really high heel even though it is very short (length).

So, on discovering how wonderful it was I cast my eye about to look for more. Must have more! Must only wear playsuits from this point on! The feeling was a little obsessive. Then found one similar to the one below, ie strapless. We have gone over my feelings about the lack of a strap with a generous bosom, but what about with a white t-shirt underneath and a plimsoll? Share your words of wisdom, do!
(Images via Asos)

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