Monday, 27 April 2009

Legs Eleven

Ewww! I don't like those little horrors one bit. If it's not a valance trying to cut it as a worthwhile addition to a top/skirt/frock (and I learned today that the valance has a title now, a peplum... that still doesn't make it any less of an unnecessary bit of frill in my book) it's a legging masquerading as a skinny jean. And isn't a skinny jean doing a very nice job of being a slim fit demin as it is? In what way is it failing to be what it is? Gosh what terribly constructed and rambling sentences. I am very tired.

When I first saw that you had posted about a JEgging I thought 'Oh dear, the darling girl is confused, a TREgging is what she means!' But of course you didn't. And then I realised that you had posted as ME which now makes me look as though I am chatting to myself, which is entirely possible, but in this instance incorrect. Anyway, treggings,/jeggings, there is a difference. I must say I am fond of a tregging. I am particularly partial to the leather ones above worn by An Olsen. They're lovely!

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