Friday, 17 April 2009

Colour you badd!

Holy mackerel! Now we know where the Spice Girls got their sartorial inspiration. I never knew that Rainbow Brite wore Buffalo boots. That's awesome. When I was about 17 I was completely obsessed with owning a pair. Boy am I glad that I didn't succumb because I would definitely be whipping out the long lost twin to explain away those pictures.

You know me and my pedantic nature so well, don't you? Because even as I was reading about your white top I was thinking: actually, I think you'll find that white is not a colour, but in fact, an absence of colour. Ahem! Ahem! Although I'm not sure if that is scientific fact. I read this but it didn't shed any light on it (geddit?!)

But yeah! Go you! Rock it out! I am super excited about the thought of you not looking like a sexy Italian widow. You know, definitely hot but a little dour. What of the flesh tones? Are you experimenting with those too? That would please me no end.

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