Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Utterly Frilling

(Image via Mouse to Minx)

Gosh, how do we differentiate a frill from a valance? Probably the simplest way is to decide whether it is cute or not. And that dress is Cutesville, Connecticut, so they are obviously frills.

After my run in with the Luella frills, which was a tussle that I didn't win, sad to say, I think it all depends on how they lie. If they pouf out at all then it potentially becomes a little girl's first party dress. But they seem reasonably well behaved, so I think it should be fine. Plus you have slightly fewer bits that jut out at alarming angles than me, so it probably isn't even worth worrying about.

I adore the colour, although it is slightly challenging to make out the pattern, and the neckline looks sweet and perfect. It gets a big thumbs up from me. Slightly jealous that I didn't spot it first. Maybe we could both buy it and it could be our C.O.N.C. uniform. Humph, that's going too far isn't it?

Anyhoo! Report back once it has arrived. Or wear it for out next OPT. We have to have one soon, surely.

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