Friday, 17 April 2009

No Luella for Lucinda

Well, my darling, you were quite right. You are so smart and wise, and I should never have put all my sartorial eggs in one cocktail dress shaped basket.

Mostly because it looked awful! They didn't have my size, so I tried the size down. I was in it and everything, all zipped up and nothing actually bulging out but if ever there is a dress that was not made to accommodate curves then that is it. It's obviously designed for the boyishly figured, the kind of dress that will create curves where none had been discernible before, so put actual, real life, honest to goodness curves into the arena and KABOOM! the world just ain't ready for that kind of thing. It was so frou frou and frills just bursting wily nily at every angle and poufy and so unflattering.

So that made taking your advice really, really easy!

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