Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Woaaaah there Lindsay!

Oh good GRIEF! I bloody love it! LiLo is launching her own range of tanning products. Man alive. First it was the leggings:

(Image via Gurl About Town)
and now it's tan in a can. Now you know me. If I'm not an unnatural shade of burnt umber I don't feel...quite myself. And I often have camouflaged knuckles. If I were dropped in to a pile of saffron strands I would be hidden from view for at least, like 2-3 days (depending on which brand was on special at Superdrug that week.)

I'm fond of Lindsay. I even watched Mean Girls all the way through (that's two films in two days, I'm like a C.O.N.Cing Barry Norman here!) But because just she's down with the wosit tinge I don't think she makes the best ambassador for a range.
(Image via Daily Mail)
I hope they mentioned blending to her at the marketing briefing. And the importance of exfoliation and moisturisation. And that feet and ankles need love too.

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