Thursday, 16 April 2009

Playing Up

That lip adorned playsuit is so mega if you don't buy it I am going to have to. It's perfecto!
The playsuit is one of those items that I looked at and thought 'A blouse attached to a SHORT...are you kidding me?! Wouldn't catch me dead in that etc etc ad nauseum.' But I did that with the original heeled gladiators too and now look at me. I'm hopelessly devoted. And I feel that I could be heading that way with the playsuit.

The whole possibility of pant flashing thanks to a gust of wind/inelegant dimousnt from bar stool/insert other potentially embarrassing situ will be happily avoided in a playsuit. I think once you get over wearing an item whose very moniker seems a bit - wrong - and the fact that Katy Perry is forever sporting one, there are just no other negatives and we must buy them ALL up and praise ourselves on our genius.

As an aside, the current 'are you kidding me!' is the knee high gladiator. Please see above. It horrifies me. But at the same time I have the sliiiiightest little nagging feeling that come June I'm going to pop up in one. Serious.

p.s. Whilst I have been writing this the poor girl in the lippy pantsuit has been stomping up and down the catwalk on Up and down. Uuuup and dooown. I feel as though I have really overworked her and I am convinced her expression has taken on a slightly dour edge. Another interesting factoid is that each time I meant to type playsuit I added an e making it 'playsuite' which then made me think of bathroom suites, which then made me ponder whether I should ask The Head to paint OUR bathroom a new colour or whether I should leave him in peace and stick only to the kitchen and bedroom and so on and so forth. Which means this post has taken me about an hour and a half to finish. On a day when I said that I would be cracking on too....oh Kerr! I do apologise.
Addendum - At the risk of making this post almost biblical in proportion, I realised that I had failed to answer your 'tshirt or no' question. What a dolt! Yes to the tshirt underneath the strapless PS and yes to a plimsoll. Deffo fabbo.

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