Friday, 17 April 2009

Brite young things

Oh Rainbow Brite! There you are. With your horse that looks like a poor man's unicorn with only a star rather than a horned protrusion and a, a....., what is that? A little brown paper bag or some très moderne clutch that your grasping in your tiny animated hand? Has Harriet Quick been chatting to you? Does Agygygygnessss Deyn have one? Because you know, that doesn't necessarily make something OK. We can talk about this later, but for now it's so nice you're here and rather fitting actually because this post is all about colour!

I have decided to add some to my wardrobe. I think I'm stuck in an Elvira based style rut. I went shopping (with birthday money, yippee!) and bought...drum roll please...A WHITE TOP! Serious. Well, it's more of a blouse actually. Or is it? I'm unsure of what is is actually. But it IS white. And it has embellishment. It's from H&M so I can't post it, but it's nice and fresh looking and a bit different. Now if we're going to split hairs I know white is not really all that colourful, but can we agree that at least adding a shade is a step in the right direction? I mean, Rainbow's horse is white with embellishments and she's like, RAINBOW BRITE. Even she plays things down when it comes to her trusty steed.

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