Thursday, 9 April 2009

On reflection

Boy! You have no idea how nervous I was looking up stripper pole on google images, but actually it was less terrifying than it was for cowgirl pics. Whodathunkit?

But goodness me, you are mean to the Head, aren't you? I nearly shot coffee out of my nose I was chortling so much at the thought of you sitting up at the top table with a great big bow on your head utterly absorbed by your own reflection IN THE HEEL OF YOUR SHOE while your husband does his besterly man duties trying to ignore the fact that his lady wife appears to be other wise engaged!! Oh, how I laughed!

Now, as to the shoe I love the shape, I love the height, I love the colour, but is it glittery, you know with actual spangly bits in the fabric, or is it just satin that is reflecting the light? It is a little difficult to tell from that picture. I am hoping it is just the light. Hoping quite hard.

The porrrrrrn suggestion came as a bit of a surprise to me. In comparison with some of the shoes out there I think it is positively demure. But the mirrorfication does add a certain sleaziness to it, I will admit, but only in a tiny way and with a long trouser you will barely notice it. And if it does bring porn to the mind of the Head then that is probably no bad thing, huh?! You know I'm right!

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