Monday, 27 April 2009

Tools of her trade

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Look! Mischa finally got it right. It frustrates me how often she doesn't quite look her best, I mean, she's got all the raw materials in spades. But she has totally nailed it this time. (Gosh, where are the DIY references coming from?)
It also makes me jealous, and I now desperately want to wear my maxi dress. But it is raining and it would soak up the filthy water like an eager, thirsty pair of Uggs. Then it would become so heavy I would barely be able to support the weight of it. Boo! Let's bring back the sun, shall we? Super!

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Unknown said...

The dress reminds me of a random-orbit sander. It's sleek and classy like a multipurpose tool and is suitable for a number of jobs. For one, a simple dress like that minimizes the probability of mistakes such as showing up too dressy or to casual (kind of like reducing the risk of splintering when removing finishes from wood). The versatility of its elegance enables her to stun in photos from all angles without showing too much cleavage (just as a random orbit-sander's pads move in a circular but random motion, allowing you to sand in any direction without scoring the surface).