Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Short shrift

Oh dear me, I looked so utterly adorable in my playsuit at the party I went to on Friday night I can hardly begin to tell you. And even though a playsuit, control pants, lots of booze, high heels, and stairs made it a slightly challenging night, what with the almost naked state you have to get into every time you want to pee, my love for the playsuit is growing by the moment.

(Image via Whistles)

And you know, if there is one thing you can say about me is that I am always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt (ok, actually, that's a lie, isn't it?) and I now think that should apply to items of clothing too. The playsuit was such a success so why shouldn't shorts be too? Admittedly we have not always been friends in the past but I am definitely a bit more lithe, ever so slightly more in shape, more defined, so maybe it is time for us to rediscover each other and see if absence has made the heart grow fonder.

(Image via Topshop)

What are your thoughts? And for work? I have always loathed the city short, but what about something a bit shorter...?

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