Thursday, 30 April 2009

Purple Reigns, Purple Reigns!

Now THAT'S weird. Whilst you were focusing your C.O.N.C. despair beam on purple I was at To'Sho looking for that bra, trying it on, absolutely hating it and then busying myself by buying other stuff that I don't need. And lo! Would you believe it? In only went and got myself a bloody purple cardie didn't I? IIIIIII KNOW! Oddness! It is this one just on my left in fact.

It is more sort of bluey purple than the picture suggests. It's niiiice! I also bought a skirt that has bits of purple in it along with a helpful and reassuring dose of white and black. It is a mini. I shall only wear it with an opaque or they'll be trouble with The Head let me tell you! I had to return a slouchy tux jacket back to H&M you see so I had some refunded birthday money to play with again. The jacket had to go back because the arm had started to fall off after two wears which would usually have really annoyed me but by half way through that second wear I had realised that it was a bit Stella McCartney and did me no favours. And whilst I was searching for something to possibly exchange it for I felt so crashingly bored by myself and my addiction to always wearing black that I decided to properly branch out in to colour. So you see, it all worked out beautifully in the end didn't it?

There is no image of the skirt on the website, but that is probably fortuitous because we are rather looking like Cute Or Not Cute sponsored by Phillip Green today thanks to my posts aren't we? I was going to slap a photo of him here, but let's have Purple Rain era Prince instead. (I have always fancied him a bit. Keep that it to yourself though babes, yeah?)

Now. I hope my purple won't offend you. I must say though that the colour in your post would actually look heavenly on Mummy HT. She is freckly, sparkly of eye and pink of cheek and those colours which would wash most of us out really suit her complexion. She frequently reminds us Twynhams that she is a Classic English Rose and an Area of Outstanding Beauty. But there aren't many that could get away with it. I adore the fact that you have torn in to an outfit which is worn by an anteater though darling. I know that all mammals should have standards. And it does nothing for her fur. But she is an anteater. All be it one with a ticket to ride in a shopping basket by the looks of it.

(Prince image via Reels and Rockets)

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