Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Your Best Mate's Breast Plate

I am terribly pleased that a skirt from Dororthy Perkins made you feel poetic darling. How lovely! Oddly enough I was click clicking away on that website only last week. Except I was doing so trying to find this HORROR:

(Image via Dorothy Perkins)

Have you seen it? It has been splashed over the pages of quite a few of the weekly glossies recently. It's Hid. E. Ous. AND IT'S ABOUT £50!! I don't understand. From Dorothy Perkins? Which my mother affectionately refers to as Dotty P's whilst smiling whistfully, shaking her head and crossing the road, never wanting to darken it's doors. And she's a MUM. This thing is a sort of floral breastplate. And a fairly cheap looking one at that. Lordy, the more I look at it the more revolted I become.
Accessorize are going for bizarre oversized 'necklaces' too. They are referring to them as 'Statement Jewellery'.They are equally as horrid. I can imagine your face if I were to rock up to one of the only two bars we ever drink in together wearing this:
I believe you would fall about laughing.
(Both images via Accessorize)

This reminds of an actual child's BIB. I'm all for a fugly jewel but...I mean! Are real people buying these do you think?

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