Monday, 20 April 2009

Goooooing to the chap el and we're gooooing to get ma a a ried

The Wedding is fast approaching! I only have to get some sparkly things with which to adorn myself and I'm good to go. I attempted Veronica Lake hair last night with disastrous results. I have no clue when it comes to wielding a curling iron. I got it stuck in my actual hair, burnt myself etc etc. After 10 minutes of trying to create some soft waves I had to admit defeat. I looked like a CLOUD.

Anyway, talking about weddings, Patsy Kensit got married to Jeremy Healy on Saturday. I love The Kensit! Congratulations Pats. Liz Hurley was a guest and wore this:

(Image via Daily Mail)

I can't help but pine for the heady days when Liz thought that this kind of get up was more suitable wedding attire.

(Image via Daily Mail)
I know it's wrong. But it's just so much more HER!

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