Friday, 17 April 2009


(Image via Liberty)

I fear that I have not been entirely honest with you. For while I did not put all my eggs in a Luella cocktail dress shaped basket I have put rather a lot of eggs in an Antonio Berardi dress shaped basket.

But isn't it just the most beautiful dress? The picture makes it look grey, but it is actually a simply delicious blue.

The back looks like this (not white, but I couldn't find a pic of mine from the back):

(Image via Browns)

It is quite demure and covered up but then super fitted and with the jelly that I got, BADDA BING, BADDA BOOM! Let me tell you!

I will now go ahead and justify the expense by saying:

1) It is love. Not the fleeting school girl kind but always and forever.

2) It is not a one season piece, it does not defer to a trend, it will not go out of fashion.

3) The colour goes beautifully with my skin tone.

4) The shape is insane on me.

5) I have been on the earth for thirty years and that is something that should be commemorated with a purchase.

6) It has earned me a £15 voucher at Liberty.

7) I am supporting the economy.

8) It is not so flashy, or so formal that I wouldn't be able to wear it frequently.

9) The colour lends itself to both winter and summer wear.

10) It is love. Not the fleeting school girl kind but always and forever. See?...!

11) My heart leaps in my chest every time I think of it and a big cheesy grin breaks out on my face.

So I know that I didn't heed your advice, not really, and I didn't consider not having anything to wear when it is OPT (Official Park Time) or if I did I paid it no mind, but I am emotionally fragile right now (as you know with the whole swearing at children debacle) and I think this is the perfect restorative measure. It is like the thirty year old woman's version of mummy or daddy kissing it better. Is that ok? Will you forgive me? If it makes you feel better I have absolutely no buyer's remorse, I just feel that I had to own it and now that I do I am very, very happy.

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