Thursday, 30 April 2009

Barton Fink

So you posted about Mischa at the Baftas...and now I have found another image where I think she looks totally cute. Who have thunk it?
(Image via She's In Fashion)
I also spotted a pic of Lauren Conrad looking uber pretty. (I don't actually usually 'get' her fashion wise. I mean, yeah Add Imageshe looks nice 99% of the time, but she doesn't scream sylista at me like, say, Anna...)
(Image via Fashion Grunge)

Hello Anna! Why so coy? What's that? I can't hear you through that feather were nervous about looking at Mischa's potentially offensive get up? You needn't have been! It all seems to be OK for the time being on the Barton Front. And now back to Lauren! I think she looks divine. Her belt is the actual same colour as her tan but so what? Bravo girls!

(Image via She's In Fashion)

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