Thursday, 16 April 2009

Lucinda in Luella?

(Image via Nick Leonard)

Woweena Kerrina! That's a frock and a half. Yeah man! I like it, which surprises me because it's ruffly and it has the odd strapcomingofftheboob thing like Kate Winslet's Oscar gown which I wasn't at all sure of. This one is a winner and the colour would look fabulous on you. But angel, have you got a particular event in mind for it? I'm just wondering if that cash could be better thrown at say, numerous playsuits, as opposed to one (admittedly lovely) bit of posh frock. Apologies if that makes me a crashing bore, but you seem to have a burgeoning addiction to a pplaysuit and I don't want you putting all your monetary eggs in a cocktail frocked shaped basket and then getting sad when it comes to Official Park Time.

Whilst we're here though, have you notice just how many strapcomingofftheboob things there are about at the moment? Heavens forfend. So many. Clearly all the designers for the high street were inspired by Ms Winslet's asymmetry. I think that shape can do an odd thing to a girl if executed in the wrong fabric. Let's take the original as an example. I am very aware of the bra machinery going on on the inside and every time I look at it I feel that Kate's boob with the strap is much lower than on the other side. Like, it almost looks like it's pointing you see? And if ever there is a thing that a boob must not do, it is to point downwards.

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