Monday, 27 April 2009

If I Had a Hammer

Isn't it tiresome this rain? I was over the moon to discover that the moccasin is completely waterproof though yesterday. Yippee.

I thought she looked good too. Generally I find Mischa irrationally grating. I don't know why. But yeah man, she looked good in that maxi.

(Image via Pop Sugar)

I also used to find this lady a bit annoying, without any good reason. But I am warming to her enormously of late. I like the colour of her dress a LOT but I would have preferred it to have done something else around the midriff. I suspect she may go in at that point more than the dress suggests. But overall I like it a lot.

(Image via Pop Sugar)

I also like what Alexa wore. I LOATHE the whimsical cat bag and I think the dress is a bit too big but I will forgive that because I think she looks lovelier than most of the other ladies there.

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