Monday, 20 April 2009

More tea, Vicar?

(Image via Grazia)
Really, what is with the tea cup? I think that is even the same one... Anyway, I am totally with you, the belly dancer/cage dancer outfit should be despicable but it is nothing more or less than I would expect from Her Gaga-ness. Except the shoes, which are an aberration, you are quite right. Are her feet even in them?
As to the hair, I'm sure I read that it was her own, but even at the time I thought if I had attempted to manhandle my bleached out locks into some sort of hair sculpture there was no way it wouldn't reveal the hideous condition wrought by the peroxide. While her's never looks less than perfect. And here we see a short bob...? So honestly, who can say.
Don't be blue though, whether or not it is her real hair or no, she is an individual who woke up one day and (I'm imagining) said in the style of Sir Michael Caine "Hang on lads, I've got an idea!" and the hair topiary was born. Now, let's not beat around the bush, or, ahem! split hairs, let's just recognise her genius whether those locks are hers or those of some impoverished and recently shorn Eastern European girl. Waddayasay?

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