Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Small Fry

Today I am wearing this:
(Teeny tiny images via New Look)
Have you ever seen me in it? I don't believe you have. It is not black. It's cute, and looks nice with a studded belt, a boyfriend blazer and the (now proven waterproof) moccasin. I am amazed I own it actually, it is so not me. But it was all I had to hand when I needed to hot foot it to the Bride's Hen Party at the Mandarin Oriental. I needed something that looked vaguely suitable for afternoon tea in my wardrobe (in that it covers my tush) so it stayed. And now I rather like it akshully!

I have birthday money left so I thought I would buy this on line and take a look in case I end up liking it too. It has frills. I would like to just make it clear now that these are frills and not valances.
Or maybe they are. I will take a close look when it arrives and make a judgement call then. In theory though what do you think? I mean, just for a work thing. To chuck on on a summery morn, you know?

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