Monday, 20 April 2009

Shall I ever see thee wed?

My imagination is failing slightly when it comes to images relating to BK's joyous day, so I apologise for this foolishness. I also apologise for the fact that the bride bear looks more like Florence Nightingale and there something seems to be protruding from the groom bear that suggests he might have been better coming to the church avec keks.

But goodness me! Are the nuptials this weekend? How exciting! But how sad for me that I won't get to see you in all your glory on the day. You must take pics and post.
I never thought I would suggest that Elizabeth "my breasts and left leg shun clothing" Hurley could look frumpy, but there's the evidence. Eeek! If she is taking a sartorial step back in order to led the bride shine then there is surely something rotten in Denmark, no? Definitely not right. Come back slutty, limelight stealing Liz, for the love of God!

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