Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pep Talk

(Image via Oasis)
I think the official definition of a peplum is when it is at the hip, a sort of over skirt, if you will. Either as part of a jacket or a skirt. So, clever sausage that I am, I have found a dress that has a peplum and a valance. I bet you hate it! I certainly do.
In my not so clever sausage stage, though, I realise that I did post as you. But I have remedied that now, so you won't look crazy. I logged in as you in order to leave a space just in case you deigned to comment, but soon saw the futility of my actions and so posted something as you instead. Tee, hee! I am kidding. Well, a little anyway. It would be delightful if you were to rouse sufficient energy to post something... anything...!! I'm not fussy.
Do love "An Olsen's" leather tregging, though.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This is le barf.

Hayley said...

You are spot on there Thad. It is vomitious in the extreme. I HATE it.