Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Wit woo!!

Kerr I'm going nude for SS09. Not in the same way as this rather confident little lady. (Although I probably would I had had those knockers. By jingo!) No, I mean shades of nude. I have tried with the block colour. I have attempted the pattern. It just WILL NOT work for me. I feel blousey and wrong. But I need to stop wearing quite so much black. Especially now that spring is bursting forth and what not. So I'll go with a nude palette for fabrics. I mean, that actually seems quite daring to me. I wore a white jacket on Saturday whilst on a date with The Head and I actually felt as though I was GLOWING for heavens sake.

But I like the idea of a much brighter shade with a nude. What thinks you? I often team an almost neon nail with my shell pink frocks which works nicely...would it work with a shoe? I am loving these. I shan't be able to you know, move in them or anything, since when did details like that matter?
(Image via Topshop)

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