Monday, 8 June 2009


I am a person of infinite calm. I am taking deep breaths in and purifying breaths out. I am not in the least annoyed that Aldo just will not allow me to download a reasonable sized image and will only offer these poxy ones even though I want to praise them.
I will not even bat an eyelid that I now feel the need to link directly to their site in order to give you a proper idea of what the shoes look like and so give them further promotion when they give me nothing, rien, nada, zip, etc. It really doesn't matter, I'm absolutely fine!
Is it tedious that I am posting another nude shoe? Directly after the other? The only difference being a little bitty heel? Might I have taken ill, do you think?
Well, anyway, the fact remains... I really enjoyed my purple dress on Saturday. I felt sophisticated and elegant and yet pretty and feminine in the extreme. I loved it! I did not, however love the shoes. I am now blistered. And while a snail's pace for one's own celebrations is to be tolerated I don't really think I can dictate the pace at someone else's wedding. For I am going to one in just over a month. There will be dancing. I need something that is not going to fly off unannounced while I am spinning around the dancefloor and take out a treasured aunt.
What say you to these? With the purple dress.

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