Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Time is Money

I mean literally kidz. I covet this ceramic watch from Chanel. I am convinced that my life would suddenly transform were I to own one. I'd morph in to the kind of gal who spends a month at a time in hot climes, sipping sparkly beverages in the sun whilst watching the light catching prettily off the cresting azure blue waves, surrounded by blossoming bougainvillea and a sea of personalised Luis Vuitton luggage.
But actually what would happen is that I wouldn't be able to pay my half of the mortgage, The Head would have to sit me down for a chat about Handling Personal Finance Responsibly and it would end in tears.

Toywatch are doing a bit of a homage to the J12. I mean! It's ceramic and everything, and a damn sight cheaper I would imagine.

It's just not AS ace though is it?

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