Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sclub Innit

You're back. Yesss!! And it's your birthday and all that jazz! So, I was thinking about your party on Saturday. If the sun is shining again I was planning to wear a new frock I picked up post-Florence. Now. Rachel Stevens was wearing it last night at the Glamour Awards. Look! Here she is:

(Image via Glamour)

I have it in a really divine soft grey. I looked DEAD in the shell pink which Miss Stevens does not, so bravo to her. But also not bravo. Because she is sort of murdering this frock. The neck is a delicious little cowl. Why on EARTH she is pulling it over one shoulder like that I don't know. And the waist needs a belt for two reasons. Firstly to cover up the grannyish elasticated element and secondly to hoick it up a good few inches, there's not nearly enough thigh on show there for me. And Rachel has a good thigh, she was whizzing about with that frisky little Italian on Strictly a mere six months fact she has a good everything, which is even more reason for a belt. I must say though she is doing awfully well to wear a heel with it. I looked ludicrous trying it with anything higher that a flat.

Anyway, that's the frock. So you might see my interpretation of it on Saturday. Fingers crossed it's baking hot again.

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