Monday, 8 June 2009

Nude (S)hue

Hello. I am going to attend to both nude shoes at once. Now I am all for them in theory but I know exactly what you mean about matching an accessory to your ACTUAL skin. You do run the risk of 'fiberglass leg'. (A look that can make the wearer look a bit floaty and a bit like the stiff version of Kim Cattral in Mannequin.) Let's take a look at the lovely Megan as an example:

(Image via Fab Sugar)

It's not necessarily a bad thing, and a nude has an amazing ability to make a leg look longer than the wearer might ever had dared dream was possible, but in general you know, I think choosing a nude that is a few shades lighter or darker than you skin tone is the secret.

I also worry that an overly strappy nude can look a little bit like a grubby bandage, but it all depends on what they're teamed with and the level of grooming involved. I like the idea of those heels with the purple frock. Blisters are not cool and I like the addition of a bit of edge to that outfit so I am all for those tiny tiny Aldo heels. Do it!

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