Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bumper Crop!

Aghhh! I was about to post the God damn same thing about her. Shared brain!

I once shared a lift with this Sugarbabe and heavens! She is INSANELY pretty. And I think she looks all the prettier with an undercut. She did have a heart shaved in to it last week, and I must say I'm glad that's gone. It kind of looked like the old Miss Selfridge logo, and it's not cool to go around branding oneself with defunct high street logos now is it?

She has split up with her chap which explains the severity of it all. I cut my hair post break up once. I was going for an elfin crop but my hair is so VOLUMINOUS I ended up resembling an ACTUAL TOADSTOOL. A BOY TOADSTOOL at that.

There is no photographic evidence of this incident. Well done Amelle for avoiding that extra portion of heartache.

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