Thursday, 18 June 2009

Brook No Resistance

Those jewelled headbands make me think of Louise Brooks and Clara Bow and all sorts of hedonistic delights. I love Miss. Brooks. I think she is just about the most sensual minx to have ever graced the silver screen. So anything that brings her to mind can only be good.

I like the ones on the right in particular. So as long as you wear it up in the hair rather than like the hippy girl then you have my benediction. And hopefully that would stop the ping-age too.

Honestly though, what was that poor girl thinking? Clearly at the moment the picture was taken she was realising that she had made a fundamental and significant mistake. And that there was photographic evidence. And querying whether she could make a break for it and escape into the bosom of a local convent to be surrounded by nuns who wouldn't condemn and berate her for her woeful sartorial choices before any one else spotted her. But beforehand? In her house? On the way to the event? Why did no one stop her? Is she entirely friendless in the world? Does no one care???

I hate the feather monstrosity atop Miss Holden too, but her wild west brothel madam schtick amuses me at least. The other lady is just a little trajique. Worst of all that god damned behemoth of a bow looks as though it might have been hastily fashioned from her bed sheets. Don't you think? I fear her head might topple under the weight. Or that she might cry.

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