Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Its a nice day for a....

It's wedding central over here. I spent the ENTIRE morning yesterday searching for trailing ivy to drape artfully about a candelabra for J & D's wedding in two weeks time. I have been quiet about this one because I have the outfit sorted pretty much. Did I just hear you cheer? It'll be the grey version of the Rachel Stevens worn properly to make it look, you know, good.

(Image via Contact Music)
Thank you Rachel, that will be all.
So in the course of searching for foliage, I spent HOURS trawling through wedding blogs. (Who knew there were so many?!)

When I allowed The Head to marry me it was a low key affair. It was in the garden, I was a barefoot bride and there was a hog roast for dinner.*

For the renewing of our vows however, (I mean every body's at it, why not?!) I want something like this:

(Image via East Side Bride)

HOW AMAZING DOES THIS HOT BRIDE LOOK? Especially about the shoulder region. Nice nice niiiiice!! I do worry about her strolling off down that grassy bank though, probably in a heel. Things like that never end well in the Story of My Life. They usually end in some kind of injury and an overly muddy hem.
*Despite the fact that I was a vegetarian at the time. When I pointed this out to Mama she replied 'It's not all about you darling.' Errr...EXCUSE me?

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