Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wats(on) The Problem with Emma?

(Image via Friendster)
I concur Kerr! I think she's extremely cute. Opinion is divided though isn't it? Elle and I have been discussing her and she isn't in the slightest convinced of her stylista status. But, I think for a TEEN she is quite exceptional. I wish I had been half as savvy at that age, it would spare me from shuddering when looking back at photos and wondering how and why my love affair with stretch items from Morgan had lasted so long. I mean, yeah, I don't doubt it would have helped to have had designers like Kaiser Karl flinging couture my way but you know what I mean.

I think she looks aces in the the Burberry campaign, but what I like the most is she actually LOOKS like a 19 year old, she isn't perma tanned* boob jobbed and bleached or desperately (trying to be) avant garde and falling out of Bungalow 8 with Peaches et al. She's just a very pretty girl who looks fabulous and stylish and is making a mint. Bravo that girl.

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