Wednesday, 3 June 2009

In Your Face!

Sheesh! That does not look like fun. Poor Giselle. But I suppose if you are going to have the hottest body on the planet then it is only a matter of time before some pervy meedja type is going to pay you to liberally apply scotch tape and baby oil to your person and pose legs akimbo in some plasticky red heels on the front of a magazine. Isn't it? And who are you to say no?

Particularly when it is the Face! Because honestly I have never loved a magazine more than I did that one. There is a very large pile of them at my folk's house that hold vast significance for me. I feel like it got me through my trying teenage years and made me the girl I am today. Well that, and maybe like a coupla other things...

So the thought that it might be coming back (the rumours of which had not yet reached my ears) excites me beyond all reckoning.

But if you are coming back maybe you could turn down the porniness just a notch. Ta!

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