Monday, 15 June 2009

Really Darling, It's Too Too Much!

(Images via Go Fug Yourself)

You know me, I love it precisely because you can see her actual bottom!

And actually, I find that outfit much less revealing than Heather Graham's dress from last week. I feel aware of so, so much after just a fleeting glance.
(Image via Daily Mail)

And I got nervous when I saw this shot of the cast fooling around for photographers at The Hangover premier.
(I am particularly amused by the 'look no hands!' gesture made by the chap in the nipple region. Ha!!)

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Lucinda said...

MAN ALIVE! Her nips are clearly having a raging feud and are trying desperately to get as far away from each other as possible. It is the only feasible reason I can think of for the abomination that is occuring down the front of her dress. Ick!