Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Alright My Lover-ly!

I want a new dining table. I haven't told The Head yet. I imagine when I do I shall be met by a pair of eyes just rrrrrrrollllllling away in their little sockets but I shall just calmly explain that a tulip isn't just a flattering style of skirt, it's also a design classic in the table stakes and I think it would work well Chez Rowan. know. Anyway, I've been looking at a few design blogs to gather evidence of how glorious it will be when we get one - failure in this task is not an option. I spotted this heavenly frock from Lover (on the left) at This is Glamorous.

I ADORE this shape man. A. Dore. I could really work that dress! I think it's only available in Australia though. Dag damn it!! I wish I could like, SEW and stuff.

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