Thursday, 18 June 2009

Cape Horn

I God damn LOVED wearing my tablecloth about my shoulder you know. I took quite a few champagne glasses out every time I swished through a room but you know, there were wooden floors so damage was limited to minor cuts and general dampness so that was OK. J, the B2B* was Bjork-in-the-Swan-at-the-Oscars. Magnificent.

I probability am still pining for my caplet because I only bloody won the prize for best outfit. I kept it quiet that I was actually wearing all my own normal clothes.

This is me later on in the evening apparently channelling Jordan. Too much fizz I think. It all got hazy after I accepted my prize of a six pack of Babycham. Ret. Ro. And look, despite that squishing, still no cleavage. FFS.
* For reals, this is bridal forum lingo. Hhaaha, VOMITOUS!

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