Friday, 19 June 2009

An Office(r) and a Gentleman

So, the saga continues. I expect you have been on the very edge of your seat since I last posted. Will she get her glads? Which will she go for? I MUST KNOW!!!! Well, I can relieve all your angst. I went to KG to buy the silver ones only to be told they had sold out and that the couldn't possibly check if any of their other shops had it in stock. So I nipped into Office instead.

I have a chequered past with Office. Their service is often hideous. And more recently all their shoes have been gross. But pop in there I did. And I thought the ones above were quite a good substitute. What say you? I purchased them, but I'm not quite sure...

What I am sure about is this pair:

(Images via Office)
They look considerably cuter on than in the pic, but aren't they lovely? I am wearing them with the white jean, and I am really quite content with the outcome, even though I probably do look overly summery for a slightly overcast, blustery day. But what the hell? In for a penny!
And the service in Office was amazing, so that made me very happy.

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Unknown said...

No substitute for Birkenstocks though, are they?